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Everfree-Seaworm's 2012 summary of art by FiddleArts Everfree-Seaworm's 2012 summary of art by FiddleArts
Januari - March: =Seaworm
April - December: =Everfree-Sea

it was actually hard to choose one thumbnail for most months.

2012 has been a great year for me.
For one, I became a brony. I discovered a good show and a terrific community. Seriously, if it wasn't for you guys, I'd have gone back my normal account (=Seaworm) a long time ago.

Here's a summary of my first year as a brony.

February: Saw the first episode. Didn't like it, shut it off 5 minutes in.
Later that month: finished season one.
February 26: Drew my first pony, an OC named "Leading Light". Co-hosted the blog Ask-Aila with this OC.

March 12: Joined the Dutch Brony Community forum.

April 13: Drew a Mane 6 pony for the first time, Twilight Sparkle.
April 16: My first livestream. Made Scootaloo and Sweetie Bot, which was my first EQD feature. Drawfriend Stuff #397, #21

March 31: Went to my first meet-up. It was abroad, in Holland. Most awkward yet awesome day of my life. I think I spoke about 30 words the entire day. (Which brings me to a topic for the future: Bronies made me social)

June 1: First commission finished.

September 15: Second image featured on EQD: Drawfriend Stuff #566, #14

December 3: Third (wait, I thought I had four?) image featured on EQD: Drawfriend Stuff #664, #42, which was also the header for the Nightly Roundup #516.

December 21: I post this as the world ends, looking back upon a year filled to the brim with ponies, and looking forward to the future. What will next year bring, I wonder?

Joined April 16. (Deviant for 250 days)
40 deviations, 44,425 total views
6,770 pageviews
310 watchers, and I love every single one of you.

Most favourited deviation is Apple Sisters, with 575 favourites.
The Most viewed deviation is I thought they liked my parties. with 5,378 views.
Def-Initely Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Congrats, mate!


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